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In the Marine Corps, fitness is a necessity to prepare adequately for combat. The Marine Corps emphasizes fitness as it gives you essential life skills, teaching you everything from leadership to self-discipline.

Any type of fitness, physical or mental, requires high levels of self-discipline. If you’re joining the Corps, you know that self-discipline is a crucial part of Marine life. Every Marine needs to maintain physical fitness as it both enhances self-discipline and tests its limits.

Consequently, those who don’t take fitness seriously put their units in danger as their lack of athleticism reduces their combat proficiency.

To test physical fitness, the Marine Corps has a standardized test called the PFT.

What is it? How does one score well on it? Keep reading and you’ll get all your questions answered.

What is the PFT?

First, let’s define the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

During training, all Marines are placed in Physical Conditioning Programs, divided based on their initial fitness levels. They go into more advanced programs based on their improvement capabilities.

The PFT evaluates them on the fitness skills they develop in these programs. To pass, Marines have to go through multiple high-intensity workout regimens.

Essentially, the test has three components:

  • ‘Dead-hang’ pull-ups
  • Crunches
  • Three-mile runs/5K Rowing

However, if you choose, you can switch out pull-ups for push-ups.

What’s the catch? Well, you can do the push-ups, but your PFT score may suffer. For example, if you surpass the pull-up requirement, you may earn 100 points in that component. However, for exceeding the push-up requirement, you can only earn up to 70 points.

In those cases, your PFT score won’t exceed 270.

How to Use a PFT Calculator?

You can find many PFT calculators online to see how well you’re doing in your fitness training.

A PFT calculator asks you for five main things, including your:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Number of completed pull-ups/push-ups
  • Number of completed crunches
  • Running/rowing time

However, your PFT calculator score is meaningless if you don’t understand how the scoring works.

In 2018, the scoring rules changed, making the game even harder. The minimum requirements for passing both the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Combat Fitness Test (CFT) have increased.

This change is very much in line with the Marine saying, “exceeding the standard IS the standard.”

This holds for both male and female marines, with both groups having to do more pull-ups and push-ups.

Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Standards

Men & Women Pull-ups Standards (Max/Min)

Men Marine Pull-up Standards / Age Women Marine Pull-up Standards / Age
Age Group Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
17-20 4 20 1 7
21-25 5 23 3 11
26-30 5 23 4 12
31-35 5 23 3 11
36-40 5 21 3 10
41-45 5 20 2 8
46-50 5 19 2 6
51+ 4 19 2 4

Maximum Points is 100 and Minimum Points is 40 for each age group

You can do push-ups instead of pull-ups:

Men & Women Push-ups Standards (Max / Min)

Men Marine Push-ups Standards / Age Women Marine Push-ups Standards / Age
Age Group Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
17-20 42 82 19 42
21-25 40 87 18 48
26-30 39 84 18 50
31-35 36 80 16 46
36-40 34 76 14 43
41-45 30 72 12 41
46-50 25 68 11 40
51+ 20 64 10 38

Maximum Points is 70 and Minimum Points is 40 for each age group.

Men & Women Crunches Standards/Age

Men Marine Crunches Standards / Age Women Marine Crunches Standards / Age
Age Group Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
17-20 70 105 50 100
21-25 70 110 55 105
26-30 70 115 60 110
31-35 70 115 60 105
36-40 70 110 60 105
41-45 65 105 55 100
46-50 50 100 50 100
51+ 40 100 40 100

Men & Women 3-Mile Run Standards/Age

Men Marine 3-Mile Standards/Age Women Marine 3-Mile Standards/Age
Age Group Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
17-20 27:40 18:00 30:50 21:00
21-25 27:40 18:00 30:50 21:00
26-30 28:00 18:00 31:10 21:00
31-35 28:20 18:00 31:30 21:00
36-40 28:40 18:00 31:50 21:00
41-45 29:20 18:30 32:30 21:30
46-50 30:00 19:00 33;30 22:00
51+ 33:00 19:30 36:00 22:30

Physical Fitness Test Score FAQs

To understand how the new PFT calculator works, you need to know the new scoring system.

Here are the most frequently-asked-questions regarding the PFT and its new scoring rules.

How Do You Pass the Marine PFT?

As mentioned, there are three components to the PFT. If you want to pass, you need to exceed the minimum requirement in at least one portion.

In other words, if you’ve met the requirements for the pull-ups and crunches, you need to exceed the minimum requisites for the three-mile run.

Only then will you be able to get the desired score.

What is a 1st Class PFT?

1st Class PFT scores are the highest scores. Think of a 1st Class Score as an A-plus. It’s a top honor to get a first-class score, and it even qualifies you as a Force Fitness Instructor.

1st Class scores begin at 235 points and go up to 300, which is the maximum anyone can possibly score.

What is a 2nd Class PFT Score?

For a 2nd Class score, you have to earn between 200 and 234 points. Likewise, 2nd Class PFT scores are like B-plus on the grade scale. It’s still an excellent score and a hard achievement.

What is a 3rd Class PFT Score?

3rd class PFT scores range from 150 to 199 points. These are the C-plus scores, meaning it’s the lowest you can score and still pass.

Moreover, scores below 150 fail.

What is the Minimum PFT Score?

With the new requirements, the minimum passing score for each section is 150. Previously, the passing score was 120, meaning the 3rd class PFT score ranged from 120 to 199.

As mentioned, to pass the PFT, you need to score more than 150 in at least one component.

What if You Failed the Marine PFT?

If you fail the Marine PFT, don’t worry. You still have an opportunity to prove yourself.

Those with failing scores need to do a remedial fitness training program. However, if you fail even that, they might drop you from recruit training.

Mostly, the consequences of failing depend on the training institute. Some institutes simply recycle the failing students while others immediately expel them.

How Do You Get a Better PFT Score?

Most marines focus excessively on running rather than strengthening their core and lower back. This helps them in the running portion but leaves them short in the other two.

In essence, you just need to concentrate on strength training. To build strength more efficiently, remember to add more weight and rest longer between sets. This is how you move up weight classes.

Overall, to improve your PFT score, it’s vital you challenge yourself and consistently set new goals to work on self-improvement.

With the new requisites, you can’t meet the minimum standard and pass. So, think of creating a new threshold.

This means going the extra mile and finishing more crunches/pull-ups in the specified time or cutting off your run time by at least 30 seconds.

How Do You Get 300 PFT?

Getting a perfect score in the PFT is highly difficult. However, it’s not impossible and by pushing yourself, you can accomplish it.

Ideally, a 300 PFT score comes from:

  • Exceeding at least 20 more pull-ups than the minimum limit
  • Performing at least 100 more crunches
  • Finishing your three-mile run in under 18 minutes


To conclude, these were the main things to know about the Marine Corps PFT and the PFT calculator. With this information, you can now look up your PFT score online and work on improving it before the actual test.

As mentioned, your PFT calculator score can only improve with committed self-discipline. Therefore, as a Marine trainee, you should focus on setting goals and motivating yourself to do better after reaching them.